Roadmaster is the contemporary way of providing a full class profile for cycling instructors in a quick and efficient way - in a digital form. As a subscriber you'll receive three complete class profiles on a monthly basis. We collaborate with the super cycling pros of the Schwinn Master Instructor's team and they just know how to do it, don't they? Be it a Fartlek or an High End Endurance class that you wanna instruct to your dedicated participants, you can be sure we have the right thing for you! Our class profiles always contain full coaching instructions and of course come along with the right music suggestion for that specific class. Needless to say that respective RPM information as well as heart rate specification are included as well. Class designs are usually made for 60min classes and we even provide playlist links from our  favorite streaming service Spotify that you can use to test the profiles at home. Which music source you can use on site is best to be discussed with the head of studio at which you're teaching.


Here is in short what you get each month:


  • 3 class profiles by one of the Schwinn Top Master Intructors

  • Full coaching instructions

  • Technique information

  • RPM + HF

  • Music playlist including song lenght

  • Actual + total running time


Class profile example

Spotify playlist example