Britta Kreutzmüller

Britta began working in the fitness industry in 1996, as an instructor and coordinator for workout programs for several fitness clubs. She subsequently used her passion and interest for cycling and heart rate controlled training to become a Polar Master Trainer and joined the Schwinn Cycling National Presenter Team in Germany. After successfully completing her law degree and work experience in a renowned law firm, she now works for a legal publishing company.

Christina Gregori

Christina has been passionate about indoor cycling since 2001, progressing from teaching indoor cycling classes in different clubs, to presenting for the Schwinn Cycling National Team in Germany. She also manages the indoor cycling program in her local fitness club. Christina’s sporting past includes athletics and archery and she loves running marathons and riding mountain bikes in local competitions.  She wants to inspire people and loves to educate her participants with a lot of passion and humor.

Michael Jörg

After receiving his high school certificate in 1983 he attended a business school to get his MDA degree. During all this time, sports and competition was his constant companion. Michael teaches education in German and English but also speaks French and Spanish. Since 2001 part of the Schwinn Team, he started as a National Presenter before becoming Master Instructor in 2005. Over all these years he educated about 1100 new instructors all over the world from Bejing via Bahrain to Berlin.

Jörg Weber

Jörg is fitness trainer and consultant for about 20 years now. Since 2002 he is Master Instructor at Schwinn Cycling and Nautilus. Today he is working as an olympic trainer in Potsdam and is coaching the German National Team and Junior Athletes. He gratuated in sport science and guides the athletes with his experience and knowledge in competitive sports on their way to the Olympic Wintergames.

Evelyne Trosi

Evelyne works as a freelancer for PR and advertising agencies. She first encountered indoor cycling in 1998, and her passion was so great she started to teach classes after the birth of her first daughter. After teaching in different clubs, and presenting at different events, she became a member of the Schwinn Cycling National Team in Switzerland.

At her local fitness club, she manages the indoor cycling program and teaches lessons for football and cycling clubs.

Patrick Eichenberger

Patrick works for the Federal Customs Administration as precious metals expert. He is responsible for the entire north-west of Switzerland. 1998 he experienced indoor cycling and completed his basic certification in 2000. Patrick’s passion for sports was already discovered very early. He started with athletics (decathlon) and experienced the joy of strength training. Over the last ten years his preferences changed to focus endurance sport on two wheels and the corresponding weight training.

Robert Rummel

Robert loves good music and is our Presenter for the south of Germany based in Munich. With a lot of passion he creates profiles for cycling classes. Time flys by when he sends his participants on a musical journey. He is a National Presenter and Cardio Expert for Polar for three years now. Using his motto „severe but sincere“ Robert will make you sweat.

Christian Kastenmeier

Christian used to play Ice Hockey and wanted to improve his endurance training. Next to riding a racing bike and doing Inline Speedskating he was looking for an indoor sport alternative and discovered Schwinn Cycling. He is Schwinn Cycling Instructor since 2012 and is invited to several events all over Germany. Since January 2018 he is a Schwinn Cycling National Presenter Team Member. He loves to create music mixes for his cycling classes and also works as a DJ.

Phil Mosemann

Cycling is Phil’s passion since his early childhood. The other kids went to play soccer, he headed oft to cycling club. Phil loves all the challenges from riding a racing bike, indoor cycling to presenting on stage. He graduated 1999 as a ISAS Indoor Cycling Intructor and changed to Schwinn 2015. Since January 2018 he is a Schwinn Cycling National Presenter Team Member.

Sven Schmidt

2011 Sven was infected by the „Schwinn Cycling Virus“ when he first rode an indoor cycling bike. He is a trained fitness coach and polar OwnZone Guide. Since 2014 he is a part oft he Schwinn National Presenter Team. Next to riding the indoor cycling bikes Sven loves to cycle around is hometown Leverkusen.

Mustafa Morrhad

Musti turned his hobby into a profession and never regreted ist since 20 years! He is a trained fitness coach, rehabilitation coach, group fitness coach, nutrition advisor and personal trainer in North Rhine Westphalia. He inspires every event with his unusal music mixes and his special mascot „the sun“.