Terms and conditions for the ROADMASTER - MUSIC - SERVICE

    1. Scope

  • The following provisions of our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all services of ROADMASTER music information service.

  • With completed registration pursuant to section 3, the user accepts the validity of these terms and conditions explicitly. They are part of the contract concluded.


    2. Overview of the benefits of Roadmaster

  • Roadmaster music information service offers information on the use of the repertoire of different music labels etc. Registered "subscribers" are those users of the music service, who have registered for the pecuniary interest of the music service pursuant to section 6. In order to use the music service, user has to meet the necessary technical prerequisites at his own expense. He has to bear the cost of access to the internet as well as any resulting compound costs himself, these are not included in the performance of the music service. In case of a change of technical standards user must adapt to these changes at his own expense.

  • According to the concluded Roadmaster subscription the user regularly receives information via email e.g. class profiles, music playlists. Roadmaster music information service only uses playlists of any third party to the sole purpose of information. Subscriber is not obliged to purchase any music or subscribe to any streaming service.

  • Roadmaster music information service is not responsible for the availability of the proposed pieces of music.

    3. Registration

  • To fully use all functions of the service, prior registration with www.roadmaster-cycling.com, the official web portal of Roadmaster service or a comparable application submitted by Roadmaster such as www.mailchimp.com, is required. For this purpose user has to provide a user name and a valid email address and has to agree on the applicability of these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • After successful completion of the registration subscriber is allowed to use the music information service using the links regularly sent by email and evaluate and print the information included.

  • Roadmaster is entitled to refuse registration of users without any given reasons.

  • Subscriber undertakes to not make any of the provided content within the subscription framework available to any third party, e.g. music information, playlist links, class profiles etc. Subscriber shall be liable for each case of infringement with a monthly subscription amount.

    4. User account

  • After successful registration and activation Roadmaster service sets up an user account (hereinafter "account").

  • Playlists published during subscription will be sent to subscriber by email at the beginning of each month.

  • Subscriber agrees to submit amendments of email address immediately to the Roadmaster team to ensure emails can be delivered. Roadmaster team is not obliged to investigate new email addresses. Any non-availabilty of the music information service due to wrong subscriber information doesn't affect the validity of the subscription in general. In order to fulfill the contract Roadmaster only uses email addresses previously submitted by subscriber.


    5. Prices

  • Prices apply as published on www.roadmaster-cycling.com. All rights reserved.

  • Any change of price will be communicated to the subscriber.

  • If subscriber does not want to be bound by the revised price, subscription can be terminated.

  • For questions and / or problems associated with the music service subscriber shall contact the customer service via the website www.roadmaster-cycling.com